For the strength of the pack is the wolf,
And the strength of the wolf is the pack.

Alpha Music Agency is passionate about supporting the absolute best in high-quality independent music.

Our core commitment is to collaborate with music supervisors and creatives; finding authentic, original and captivating musical support for film, advertising, video games, and all forms of digital media.

Inspired by the majesty, intelligence, and intuition of the Canis Lupis (Wolf), Alpha Music Agency fashions itself after the “Pack” mentality, thoughtfully positioning each artist to maximize their strengths and unique contributions to benefit the pack as a whole. This approach simplifies and streamlines music selection; minimizing cost while providing the best quality in the music industry.

Our vision is to be the industry leader; delivering the most authentic and creative music in our digital world. This hallmark value of quality and integrity is at the heart of what drives us forward. Simply, we want you to sound great by giving you our very best. All music in our one-stop collection has been cleared for your convenience. We can strike the middle ground between affordability and highest quality because we provide 100% independent artist music and control 100% of the rights. Whether you are searching for a background source, featured placement, cover, remix, or customized song, we can orchestrate the perfect SYNC for you. Serving you the customer and exceeding your expectations is our goal.

Check out our range of independent artist music today. We’re confident you’ll find some great music for your next project.



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Alpha Music Agency
Alpha Music Agency
A little behind the scenes from Ben Noble’s recently released song Steady:
Alpha Music Agency
Alpha Music Agency
More new jams on the way from Stephan Hogan
Alpha Music Agency
Alpha Music Agency
goin live on FB + IG this Sunday at 6PM EST w/ the EXTREMELY creative team at Zero Hour 🚀🚀🚀

#savethedate and turn ur speakers all the way UP!! this dj set is all about spreading love and positive energy 🙏🏾😎🖤

...and I timed it so we don't miss Westworld or Insecure 😄 #noexcuses


If you’re looking for a unique perspective on an existing song, remixes and covers are the way to go, and our artists are eager to help bring your concept to life! Check out these examples of some custom remixes and covers that our talented producers have created for clients.


Did you find a song you’d like to license or do you have a specific music request? Interested in partnering with Alpha Music Agency to license your artist or band? Send us more information and we’ll be in touch shortly.